Josh Harle from Tactical Space Lab will present the first Open Maps workshop as part of Coded Cultures: Openism. During the workshop participants will discover the matchbox-sized Raspberry Pi Zero computer, learn to create their own digital online maps with it, then take their creations out into the world to share them.

During the workshop participants will be assisted in the production of their own map, using whatever process they are comfortable with (bricolage, drawing, painting, digital, etc.). Once finished the maps will be uploaded to Open Map devices, and will be installed around Vienna.

The workshop will include:

Discussion of maps, and radical cartography: General discussion of maps, their politics, and representation in general. Examples of many different ways of mapping: “radical cartography”, maps through history up to online maps.

An introduction to the Open Map device: discussion of concept, possibilities, and demonstration of an example map.

Making Maps!: Setting up an initial map layer for a chosen area, creating the map, photographing/scanning content, and processing it for the Open Map device.

Building the Open Map platform (optional): Discussions on site-specific enclosures, weatherproofing, power options, and install, and set-up of software from a standard Raspberry Pi installation.

Installing: Taking the maps out into Vienna to install for the festival.

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